150 Amp Main Break Load Center

Buy 150 Amp Main Break Load Center (Siemens ,Lighting & Electrical, Electrical, Circuit Breakers Fuses & Load Centers, Panels)
150 Amp Main Break Load Center
Single phase, 3 wire, split neutral, 30 spaces and 30 circuits max 1-pole, 14 max 2-pole, 120/240 Volts ac. Factory installed 22,000 AIR main breaker. May be installed on higher rated systems when protected by a circuit breaker feeder with a higher AIR rating. Accomodates only fully size breakers. One piece plated aluminum bus bar. 100% circuit breaker twistouts. Positive load side circuit breaker hook rail. When used as service equipment, any unused neutral position may be used for equipment grounding.Rotate entire device 180 degrees for bottom feed. Gray enamel finish. U.L. Listed suitable for use as service equipment, complies fully with NEC and UL requirements for Class CTL. Ten Year Limited Warranty.
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