200 Amp Mainbreaker Load Center

Buy 200 Amp Mainbreaker Load Center (Your One Source ,Lighting & Electrical, Electrical, Circuit Breakers Fuses & Load Centers, Panels)
200 Amp Mainbreaker Load Center
Single phase, 3 wire, split neutral, 20 spaces, 40 circuits, 20 tandem breakers accepted, 120/240 Volts ac. 10,000 AIR factory installed main breaker, QOM2 main frame size. 3 different mounting locations for installed ground bar. Rugged bus bar, slot/square drive screws. Straight in main design. Tangential main service knockouts. Rotate entire device 180 degrees for bottom feed. #4 – 250 kcmil main wire. Gray baked-on enamel finish. U.L. Listed.
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