Main Disconnect Breaker Box, 100 Amp

Buy Main Disconnect Breaker Box, 100 Amp (Your One Source ,Lighting & Electrical, Electrical, Circuit Breakers Fuses & Load Centers, Panels)
Main Disconnect Breaker Box, 100 Amp
Welded sheet steel. Single phase, 3 wire, split neutral, 20 spaces, 20 circuits, 120/240 V. 22,000 AIR factory installed main breaker U.L. Listed for use ahead of QO and QOT 10,000 AIR branch breakers to permit their application systems with up to 22,000amps available fault current. QOM1 frame size. 3 mounting locations for ground bar, use bar No.PK15GTA sold separately. Shielded copper bus bar, slot/square drive screws. Straight in main design. Tangential main service knockouts. Rotate entire device 180 degrees for bottom feed. #4 – 1 AWG main wire. Gray baked-on enamel finish. U.L. Listed.
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